Niyati Mehta
Niyati Mehta LLC

Behavioral Visual Designer

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Niyati Mehta, Co Founder, a Behavioral Visual Designer and Nudge Expert for Nudging For Kids, a mother of  two children and a Design Educator based in New York City.

She holds an MS in Communication and Digital Design from Pratt Institute of Art and Design, a Professor at New York City College of Technology, Nassau Community College &  Lehman College in New York City.

She is dedicated  to improve and impact human behavior through creating visual tips, actions, solutions and insights from Cognitive Psychology and Behavioral Economics.

Aside from creating visuals and establishing series of approachable nudges, Niyati teaches in CUNY and SUNY universities and speaks at international schools and colleges. She is in the process of establishing a cycle of nudge structure to be facilitated towards workshops for parents, schools, educational organizations and communities.

Ms. Mehta’s research regarding the application of design for “nudging” led to co-founding Nudging for Kids with BVA, France.

Nudging for Kids is a web-based community for parents and professionals that provides real-word tips and easy-to-implement small changes that can lead to improved child behavior and a better quality of family life.  Ms. Mehta creates visual cues which can be easily implemented and applied in everyday lives by parents, schools and community. She also aims to gather many possible visual solutions from all the experts around and makes it accessible for parents on Nudging for Kids.