Kaelan O’Fallon
Kaelan O’Fallon

Behavioral Visual Designer

Kaelan O’Fallon is a designer of aesthetic solutions for practical problems. She develops nudges and directs social media for NFK, working to reach out to all types of families. She believes in the power of nudging, and finds joy in the process of using it to help others.

She specializes in all levels and stages of the design process, as well as visual, spoken, and written communication.

She is currently studying at Hofstra University in New York, where she is pursuing a degree in Behavior Design through study of cognitive psychology, graphic design, and communication. With no specific program yet established in this field, Kaelan has taken it upon herself to create the major.

Through research and design, Kaelan is working to be a pioneer in the innovative and growing field of Behavioral Design and Economics.

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