Project 2. The Shoes Nudge

Project 2. The Shoes Nudge

Have you ever struggled to help your toddlers/children learn to put on their shoes correctly?

A lot of children of small ages tend to confuse theirselves when they are about to put on their shoes. And they wonder:

– Which one is the left shoe?

– What about the right?

– Which one should I try first?

The solution to the problem is as simple as quick, and it’s a visual nudge!

Parents place the stickers inside kids’ shoes, which act as reminders/assistance. Children look at the thumbs of the stickes, and then on their own hands in order to be sure about the right and the left shoe. In the process, they also become more confident on their general knowledge about where the directions are supposed to be.

Try now some of the different sizes and shapes of this nudge and tell us which one was your kids’ favourite!

shoe sticker

Shoe 4 with sticker

Shoe 1 with sticker