How to Boost your Kids’ Self-confidence and Independence in 7 Steps

How to Boost your Kids’ Self-confidence and Independence in 7 Steps

by Chronis Lalas

After children become toddlers they start interacting more and more with the environment around them. In that way, they initially take part in the Decision-Making process.

Based on experts in Child Psychology and Development parents tend to intervene in that process more than it’s needed by overreacting, overprotecting and overcontrolling each situation. This parents’ behavior usually helps in the short-term, but it causes a negative impact in kids’ self-confidence and independence in the future.

The key in this situation is for parents not to overdo things.

5 pieces of advice for parents to boost their kids’ self-confidence and independence are the following:

  1. Allow them to make decisions when it’s possible1advice
  2. Use humor instead of arguing2advice
  3. Build a strong foundation for your relationship so that they know they can count on you3advice
  4. Let them try things – even when they fail – because they learn that way4advice
  5. Take a step back and observe instead of always interfering5advice
  6. Allow them to spend time outdoors6advice
  7. Let them feel useful by helping with the household chores7advice

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