Do you want your children to prefer Fruits/Vegetables over Fast Food?

Do you want your children to prefer Fruits/Vegetables over Fast Food?

by Chronis Lalas

It’s a common fact that people tend to adjust their preferences and their decision-making based on past and relevant experiences. That happens in order to make faster and better decisions in many aspects of their every-day lives. Psychologists refer to this behavior as a “Rule of thumb”.

Parents could take advantage of that rule of thumb and increase their kids’ preferences on fruits.

Let’s see how…

image 1

COLOR CODES – nudging to healthy eating without your child knowing.

Parents- just play with colors.

Most children love eating junk or fast food like pizza, hot dogs or hamburgers. But, have you ever wondered why?

There are at least 3 possible reasons children have a high preference for fast food:

  • It tastes nice!
  • It is popular amongst other children!
  • Adults consume fast food but they often do not allow their children to do so!

Based on those aforementioned facts, our suggestion to you parents is:
Instead of just serving your children plain fruits or telling them how healthy fruits are, nudge them with some special fruit salad designs like a fruit pizza or some fruit kabobs.

image 2image 3

Kids won’t be able to resist them and they are going to find them really tasty!!!

It’s totally worth your effort and time!


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