Our Behavioral Economics experts merge cognitive psychology and visual solutions to create a positive impact on children. Our focus on behavioral traits, cognitive and social biases like the ‘Framing Effect’ and ‘Loss Aversion’ to achieve the change of behavior within schools, educational organizations, children related institutions and communities.


NFK solutions are interdisciplinary which aims to catch the users’ attention and kids’ minds creating a dialogue with the environment they interact and communicate.
These solutions are nudges. Thus they are cheap and easy to apply.
K-12, college students, pharma companies with children’s medicines, pediatric hospital, etc. can be the target audience for the nudges for positive functioning.


We collaborate with families, teachers and organizations in order to unlock
kid’s behavior and
build long-lasting and effective nudge solutions.


We believe in behavioral change, which adds a sparkle to make the world a better place.

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Encourage innovation and creativity in the classroom and at home – rethinking how teachers and professors can structure their classrooms, how they teach, and how they engage children in educational activities. Innovation and experimentation is thought to be one of the key factors in determining how kids develop and learn, encouraging creativity, logical thinking, teamwork, and laying down the groundwork for understanding the world.

Visuals adds this perspective. 

So how visuals add that touch of innovation for where kids are able to effectively hone their ability to innovate while also learning and having fun? It is a way of positive impact on the behavior.

So how could these be an enhance visual cues experience?

Should they be nudged?

Yes, visual triggers, visual actions, visual cues is the way we can involve and connect with the kids.

So what are some good all-round innovative ideas? How about activities for kids relating to recycling

This is a fun recycling game…