Our mission

Nudging for Kids designs creative visual solutions and provides tips for parents, school and community towards positive child behavior and long lasting impressions.

Nudge is a gentle push. Our objective is to create visual design solutions for the problems faced, where the user (kids, parents, faculty, community) involved gets drawn towards the positive choice architecture visually designed without necessarily realizing.

In a nutshell, Nudging for Kids aims to provide:

  • Design solutions for problems posted
  • Adaptable and simple crafted solutions
  • Innovative, thoughtful posts from experts about their contributions and applications of the nudge concept
  • An interactive blog that fosters conversations
Our latest nudges
In a world where we are inundated with technology, it is not easy to find or make kids do things that as parents we really want. That was when I stumbled upon this treasure trove called nudging for Kids! An impressive and easy tips and solutions, such a valuable for me as a parent. A positive tool which can educate and help me create a better experience with my children.
Sofie Sassoon Haddad
Sofie Sassoon Haddad
A really amazing and innovative way to pleasantly communicate important ideas, concepts and mannerism to the kids, without really making too much effort. I have tried a few of the visual concepts and they are really working wonders as long term benefits.
Nidhi Shyamsukha
@NudgingforKids Easy Sticker #Heart #Toddler #Activity bit.ly/2EiVBBl pic.twitter.com/3u3t86orR5
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@NudgingforKids #Digital #devices make up a huge part of their lives, but how do they handle them in their own homes?… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…